2023 Enve M6 Mountain Handlebar 31.8mm

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**All bars include a complete decal sheet to color match our existing wheel decal colors**

What It Is

A fly-weight, modern flat bar for XC and trail riding, available with a +/- 5mm rise.

Why We Made It

There will always be demand for the original MTB bar. Lighter and lower than other styles, the flat bar is still the first choice for many XC and trail riders. We’ve updated this bar to fit even more riders with an increased width, and positive or negative mounting positions.

Full Details

The M5 bar is our lightest XC and trail bar. Designed with an offset grip position and 31.8mm clamping surface, the bar can be mounted with a positive or negative rise of 5mm. This versatile bar combines a familiar 9° sweep with the greater width and strength that’s demanded by today’s more aggressive XC riders.

Technical Details

  • Width and Stiffness

    undefinedEach ENVE bar is available in a specific width with cut lines to size the bar more appropriately for the rider. Often we are asked, “Why aren’t all ENVE bars made extra wide?” It’s a good question. Each bar must pass our testing to earn its rating, requiring the wider bars to be stronger. However, if everyone is cutting those bars, the bar then becomes overbuilt and too many riders are forced to modify and resize. A subtler but equally important reason for not making each bar as wide as possible is that the width of a bar is a key element of its flex profile and feel. Like any handlebar, if the width of an ENVE bar is reduced, the stiffness increases, so we build each bar in a specific length for the optimal weight and ride quality. For our new M Series bars, we have actually reduced the recommended cut lengths in order to guide more riders to the correct bar.

  • Sweep And Tip

    Riser bars have long been offered, almost exclusively, in a classic ‘9°/5°’ bend; that is, a 9° sweep back towards the rider and a 5° tip (or upsweep) away from the ground, and this remains our choice for our Trail category M6 riser bars. Our Gravity bars differ and it’s a defining factor between the two families. M7 and M9 bars, our Gravity category, feature 8° of sweep and 4° of tip. This is to suit their extra width, the shorter stems to which they will be mounted, and the longer-travel bikes they will be guiding down more severe terrain.

    Through study, we have noticed that while many riders prefer the classic bend, we find more aggressive riders either rolling their bars back or rolling them forward searching for security and comfort. Riders from the first group reduce tip, but often complain of a lack of security and a feeling of their hands slipping off the grips; while riders from the second group frequently suffer hot spots or blisters because their weight is not evenly distributed, owing to excessive tip. While it sounds a small difference, the flatter 8°/4° profile ensures greater control, security, and comfort for these riders.

  • Rise

    The new M Series handlebar line includes additional low- and high-rise versions in key models to ensure that you can achieve a perfect riding position. As well as adjusting the height of your cockpit, the compound angles used to create the rise also provide a wider range of hand positions as you roll the bar forward or back in the stem. This is why you will see minimum rise 7.5 and 10mm options available for riders who need a low position, but demand the adjustability of a riser.

  • Clamp Diameter

    ENVE now offers bars in the two most popular stem clamp diameters, 31.8 and 35.0mm. When choosing your next bar, consider these points. Our Trail category M5 and M6 bars are all 31.8mm. This size allows us to achieve the optimum, compliant-yet-responsive flex profile for trail use while also minimizing weight. The new M9 Gravity bars are also 31.8mm. Our professional DH riders love them and still prefer their feel when combined with stiffer double crown forks on rougher tracks. The new M7 bar features a 35mm clamp diameter for riders who want a stiffer feel for ultimate precision when attacking big terrain on long-travel bikes. The M7 also has an ‘oversize’ aesthetic which some riders find well-suited to a gravity bike.

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