2021 Cascade

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The Workhorse

The Cascade dropper post pays homage to the Cascade mountain range, home to some of the best riding in the PNW. This post is a workhorse, it's super reliable, loved by our customers and provides flawless up and down service for the miles to come.

Technical Details

  • Tidy External Routing

    The Cascade is built for bikes that don't offer internal routing, but it still ensures your cables are kept out of the way during up and down actuation by providing the external routing port at the midcap.

  • Weatherproof Sealed Air Cartridge

    Like all of our droppers, the Cascade rocks a sealed air cartridge that is known for its performance in below freezing temperatures. This design also makes the post easy to self service when it comes time for maintenance.


The Cascade is an externally routed dropper post, which means the cable will be secured to the outside of your bike frame. Determining what cable routing is compatible with your bike is the first step in picking dropper post compatibility.


  • Does your bike currently have a dropper? If so, is the cable running through the inside of the frame (internal routing) or is it secured along the outside of your frame (external)?
  • What’s the age of your bike? Internal routing started around 2014 on high end mountain bikes and became more common on bikes after 2016 - if your bike is older than that it most likely is only compatible with external routing.
  • Got a newer bike? Look for internal cable ports that would send the cable housing up the seat tube to the bottom of the post. Common spots for a port are towards the bottom of the seat tube, near the bottom bracket or possibly up near the head tube where your other internally routed cables enter.


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Routing Method:
30.9mm| 31.6mm
125mm| 150mm| 170mm
125mm (608 g) / 150mm (613 g) / 170mm (674 g)
Seatpost Material:
7075 Alloy
Lever Compatibility:
Compatible with all PNW levers and most cable actuated levers from other brands.