2021 Compact Deluxe Kit - Two Bikes

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Deeeee-lux means we're giving you the good stuff. We've bundled up our best selling rack, the Talon, with our Compact Rear Wheel Strap and your choice of Huske plug!

This kit is made for those lacking a full 6" for mounting a standard Rear Wheel Strap on your vehicle. When you upgrade to a Compact Rear Wheel Strap, all you need is 4.75" of space to mount our compact version!

Pro tip: this can be particularly useful when trying to mount your SeaSucker rack off the back of your SUV and Hatchback and you want to attach your rear wheel strap to your back bumper!

The Compact Rear Wheel Strap is made for the off chance our standard 6" Rear Wheel Strap cup (provided with the Talon, Mini Bomber or Bomber) doesnt fit the space available on your car. Our Compact Rear Wheel Strap is made with our smaller 4.5" SeaSucker vacuum pad. The Compact Rear Wheel Strap does NOT have the cupped rear wheel housing that comes standard with the regular Rear Wheel Strap. The strap is 22 inches and will fit most fat bike tires.