2022 Look E-765 Gravel Full Black Reflect Glossy-24746

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Emerge from the shadows, black on black. You will slip by unnoticed, yet all eyes will be upon you. This E-765 GRAVEL Full Black Reflect Glossy is striking both in color and set up: a single-ring SRAM Rival 1 drivetrain, Shimano RS 171 wheels on a carbon frame designed exclusively around the FAZUA Evation motor.

Why you'll love it ?

Double-or-nothing: slip by unnoticed or be the star of the show

  • A FAZUA Evation motor of unrivalled lightness, equipped with a removable battery that allows you to set it aside and ride a machine that feels and behaves almost like a classic bike
  • A 100% carbon frame and fork made of High Modulus fibers for the right balance of comfort and stiffness
  • Take advantage of wide wheel clearances to mount tire sections up to 700x40 mm
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