2021 Jackal MIPS

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The Jackal MIPS excels on the way up and the way down, with plenty of ventilation plus enhanced protective features. Throw in goggle compatibility, an adjustable visor, and removable light/camera mount and you have the perfect helmet for trail riding.

The Jackal MIPS uses the ATS Fit System to tighten 360 degreesaround your head for a secure fit and all-day riding comfort. TheMIPS layer and deep coverage on the sides and back of the helmetgive your head more protection if your ride goes sideways.

The adjustable visor not only blocks the sun but can be pushedup to create a goggle parking spot. Eighteen vents move air in andout of the helmet to help keep your head cool on the longest ofclimbs.

A removable light/camera mount is included. The helmet shell isdesigned to prevent the mount or accessory from intruding into thehelmet in the event of an impact.


  • Action camera mount

    Safely and easily attach an action camera or headlight to your helmet with the specially designed accessory mount. The Safety Mounting System (SMS) in the helmet shell prevents the risk of intrusion in the event of an impact.

  • Adjustable visor

    Visor has four set positions so you can easily adjust it to where you need it, even while you are riding.

  • Adjustable Head Basket

    Allows the back part of the retention system to be adjusted up and down depending upon your preference and comfort. The nylon ratchet system can be pushed high and out of the way, or low for a feeling of increased security.

  • Advanced Turnfit System (ATS)

    Easily adjust your helmet by using the turn dial on the back of the helmet for an aerodynamic and secure fit. Lazer's unique fit system prevents hotspots or pressure points by making the adjustment around the entire circumference of your head.

  • MTB Helmet Bottomshell

    Polycarbonate bottomshell finishing looks good and helps protect the helmet foam for increased durability.

  • Increased protection

    The dropped profile provides additional coverage and protection around the sides and the rear of your head.

  • Secure goggle parking

    Adjust the visor to the top position to create the perfect place to park your goggles when you're not using them. The no-slip design on the rear of the helmet prevents the goggle strap from moving out of position.

  • MTB Internal ventilation channels

    Designed to pull air in through the front and side vents, across your head, and out the rear vents. Channeling ensures active airflow at all times to keep your head cool and comfortable, even on long, slow climbs.

  • MIPS layer

    The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) helps reduce the risk of rotational brain injury by isolating your head from the rotation of the helmet shell in the event of an impact.

  • Safety Mounting System (SMS)

    Anti-intrusion helmet design which directs impact force on the accessory mount and accessory to the periphery of the helmet. Helmets with the SMS pass safety certification when the accessory mount and accessory are in place.

  • Virginia Tech 5-Star Rating

    The Virginia Tech impact testing uses the STAR evaluation system to determine the helmet's ability to reduce linear acceleration and rotational velocity of the head resulting from a range of impacts a cyclist might experience. 5-Star indicates the "Best Available" rating possible. Virginia Tech recommends the use of any 4- or 5-star rated helmet.

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EPS Foam|Polycarbonate|Nylon
FIT System:
Advanced TurnfitSystem (ATS)
Rotational Protection:
Action CameraMount|Optional LED Taillight