2022 Theragun mini Booster Set

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Tailored treatment, on the go.

Get the ultra-portable power of our most compact device with all of the customization that Theragun attachments have to offer. With our full line of Theragun attachments you can tailor the mini’s muscle treatment for every need.

  • Set includes Theragun mini, and Supersoft™, Dampener, Large Ball, Standard Ball, Thumb, Cone, and Wedge Attachments


  • Theragun mini: Theragun mini, Soft Case, Standard Ball Attachment, Power Adapter
  • Supersoft™ Attachment: Durable closed-cell foam base and 3 open-cell foam tips
  • Dampener Attachment
  • Large Ball Attachment
  • Thumb Attachment
  • Cone Attachment
  • Wedge Attachment