2021 Road Deluxe Kit - One Bike

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Deeeee-lux means we're giving you the good stuff. We've bundled up our best selling rack, the Talon, with our amazing Hogg (it's better than its name implies, I swear) front wheel holder. That's the combo that's going to get you there in style. No more dinging your front rim in the trunk or laying dirty tires on the back seat. Get with the program and get a free Hogg today. Hogg is designed for quick release axle bikes only.

The Hogg is the most innovative front wheel holder on the market. To install, replace your rear wheels axle nut with the anodized aluminum Hogg nut and then you can screw on the Hogg body when youre ready to transport your bike. Your front wheels quick-release skewer clamps onto the Hogg body and off you go! For quick-release hubs only