2021 Secure Kit - One Bike

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We don't joke about stolen bikes around here. Current events? Absolutely. Politics? With glee. Your mom? Don't get us started. But bike security is serious business, which is why we think the Cable Anchor Trunk and lock combo is the single most important accessory anyone can buy for their SeaSucker rack. If you buy a Talon and one set of thru-axle HUSKE plugs, we'll throw in a sturdy lock and one of our trusty Cable Anchors for free. You won't regret it, but the sticky-fingered thieves who've been ogling your bike will.

A Cable Anchor is just what it sounds like - an anchor point to securely connect a cable loop to your car. The Cable Anchor - Trunk, has a steel rod that closes inside a trunk or hatchback seam, the plastic dipped coating protects your cars paint. The cable lock is plastic-coasted, 12mm thick, and 6' long. Lock in photo may not represent actual lock available at the time of purchase due to manufacturer inventory shortages during the pandemic. Some available locks are keyed, some are combination.