2022 Sidi Alba 2 Shoes

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  • The Politex material is constructed of several overlappinglayers with different physical and mechanical properties. Thiscompacted PVC is then coupled to two fabrics (knitted fabric andfelt) that is then film dyed for long lasting color retention.Politex offers strong resistance to rips, lacerations, stretchingand fading. Politex is made in strict compliance with Europeanregulations and is considered a "green" product.
  • The MILLENIUM 4 CARBON COMPOSITE SOLE is injected molded carbonfiber in a matrix of nylon that creates a significantly lighter andstiffer sole that is less susceptible to changes because of agingor prolonged usage.
  • The SOFT INSTEP 3 CLOSURE SYSTEM is a wide, anatomically curvedstrap combined with a soft, thermo-formed EVA pad that distributespressure evenly over the instep area. The SOFT INSTEP CLOSURESYSTEM is adjustable from both sides, to perfectly center the EVApad over a high or low instep. The system eliminates the need forthe High Instep Extender. The SOFT INSTEP CLOSURE SYSTEM isreplaceable.
  • SIDI's TECHNO-3 SYSTEM dials in fit along the entire length ofthe shoe, adapting the upper to the shape of the foot for acustomized fit. SIDI's famously reliable and replaceable closuresare improved by an all new proprietary SIDI Wire material that iscompletely non-binding for intuitive and effortless on-the-flyadjustments. Like most SIDI small parts, the TECNO-3 BUCKLE isserviceable and replaceable.
  • Reinforced heel cup.
  • Replaceable heel pad.
  • Regular last, standard men's D width, precise fit.
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