2021 Tazer

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Ride Farther. Ride Faster

With 160/150mm of front/rear wheel travel and Shimano’s powerful STEPS motor system (EP8 on Pro Model, EP7000 on Expert Model), the Tazer is our high-performance Enduro eBike. With a bump eating 29” wheel up front and traction seeking 27.5+” on the back you get great handling, amazing grip and trail ride excellence. With our Tazer you’ll never look at mountain biking the same way ever again.

Quick Standouts

  • Travel (Front/Rear): 160mm/150mm
  • Wheel Size: 29" Front 27.5+" Rear
  • PRO Build Weight: (Size Medium W/Battery Tubeless) 48lbs 4oz
  • Frame Weight: (Size Medium) N/A
  • HT Angle: 65.5 °
  • Reach: 425MM / 16.7” (Small) // 450MM / 17.7” (Medium)  // 475MM / 18.7” (Large)  //  505MM / 19.9” (XL)

Explore New Territory, Experience New Adventures.

Our Tazer opens up a whole new world and style of riding, one where the ups are almost as much fun as the downs. What once might have been a boring slog or just a ‘means to an end’ can now be either a super technical challenge, or just a quick spin to get you to the top and all the fun bits again. Our Expert build features the classic Shimano STEPS E7000 and our Pro model the all-new EP8, both of which give you seamless pedal to power transition, especially when teamed up with the rear 27.5+ tire and its larger contact area.



Quick To Respond.

The beauty of the Tazer is that all of the weight is carried low down in the middle of the bike, what this means is that the center of gravity is lower making the bike turn and grip amazingly. The position of the weight also gives the bike a solid and planted feel, it is stable and precise, and carries speed like nothing on earth. Add to that geometry that puts you in a natural position and you get perfect weight distribution to the front and rear wheels.



Enjoy The Ascents, Crush The Descents.

You will eat up laps at your local trail loops, maximizing your time on your bike. You can do three or four times the amount of riding you would normally do on a non-eBike, maximizing your skills on the descents. The beauty of the Tazer is that you can go as hard or as easy as you like. Whether it's exploring new trails or getting in some quick laps, the Tazer will take your farther and faster.



The JS Tuned Enduro Link.

We talk a lot about JS Tuned here at INTENSE. JS stands for Jeff Steber (our founder and CEO) and simply put it is a system that focuses on all of the individual parts that make up one of our bikes: from suspension, geometry, wheel size, materials and component spec. The key element of JS Tuned is our suspension system that uses two counter-rotating links to connect the front and rear triangles of the bike. The links are specifically placed to allow for separation between the pedaling and braking forces from the suspension performance. Every model in our range has its own personal and specific JS tune.


Geometry Chart

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