2021 YETI SB140

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Some Say The SB140 Never Met A Dirt It Didn't Like. We Agree In Spades. What's Your Pleasure? Drag A Bar. Make An Edit. Stay Out After Dark. Try It. Land It. Or Just Stay At It. Happy To Pedal. Greedy For More.The Mayor Of Jibtown, Proudly Wearing The Rip Crown. The SB140. Down To Fun


  • They Aren't Details If You Notice Them

    Shuttle pad so frame scratches don't happen on the way to the trail.

  • Bonk, Jib, Flick Your Way Down The Trail. Transitions Are Meant To Be Hit Even The Hidden Ones.

  • 1. New School Geometry

    Responsive and designed to feel like an extension of the rider.

    2. Head Tube Angle?

    Feels about right.

  • Style isn't something You can measure.

  • Leverage Rate

    We aim to design a leverage rate with linear progression. A straighter, more linear progression curve means it's easier to tune shocks to pair with suspension kinematics, and we don't have to to rely on damping circuits to compensate. We can choose a leverage ratio that provides small bump sensitivity and enough progression to maintain mid-stroke support and bottom out control. Being able to manipulate the leverage ratio without affecting the anti-squat characteristics is unique to our patented Switch Infinity suspension.

    Progressivity 13%

    Because slapping turns isn’t fun when your heels are in the dirt.

  • Death grip it for the Eff of it.

  • Feel

    Nimble, agile and playful.

  • Anti-Squat

    Across our line, we have chosen a relatively flat and high anti-squat curve in beginning and mid-section of travel where pedaling commonly occurs a.k.a the pedaling zone. This creates an efficient pedaling platform through your entire pedaling zone, there is an inflection point where the Switch Infinity link moves down, dropping the anti-squat drasticlly. Riders are typically not pedaling in this zone, so chain forces have less of an effect on the suspension performance. Decoupling of the chain forces allows the suspension to work more efficiently to absorb impacts making the feel of a Yeti distinct.

  • If you look in the right places, it’s surprising what’s possible to ride.


At The Heart Of The SB140 Suspension Design Is Our Patented Switch Infinity, With A Translating Pivot System For Excellent Anti-Squat Characteristics.

  • Switch Infinity 01: Pivot Translation

    Switch Infinity utilizes a patented translating pivot that switches direction as the bike moves through its travel. This provides a tailored anti-squat curve while allowing the leverage ratio to be tuned independently, something other systems can’t physically achieve.

  • Switch Infinity 02: Bottomless Feel

    An initially high anti-squat value delivers superior pedaling performance. Further, into the travel, the anti-squat quickly drops off to allow the custom-tuned FOX Racing shock to perform as intended. These characteristics provide excellent mid-stroke support and a bottomless feel.

  • Switch Infinity 03: Tunable

    Switch Infinity is a versatile system easily adaptable to different travel platforms. The system can be mounted in any orientation and can achieve a myriad of kinematics depending on the design intent. The Switch Infinity system can control this much more precisely than other suspension designs because of the linear path of the main pivot.

  • Switch Infinity 03: Durable

    The Switch Infinity is a simple, lightweight, bombproof system built by FOX Racing Shox from proven suspension components and engineered and tested to withstand the worst riding conditions. We use seals and bushings that are used in FOX's off-road racing division and a lightweight forged translation pivot.


Made with the highest quality carbon fiber available, TURQ series bikes offer the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance.

  • Materials 01: TURQ Series

    TURQ Series bikes are made with the highest quality carbon fiber available and offer the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance. The result is a bike that feels smooth, solid and aggressive. Every bike is tested by the best racers in the world, including EWS World Champion Richie Rude, our in-house testing team and ambassadors around the world.

  • Materials 02: C/ Series

    By making small changes in the carbon fiber layup of our TURQ Series bikes, we are able to create a more aggressively priced carbon high-performance mountain bike. C-Series frames maintain the strength and stiffness of the TURQ Series. The carbon fiber in C-Series weighs a bit more, about 225g per frame. Every bike model is offered in at least one C-Series option with high-end components.

  • Materials 03: 225 Grams Lighter
    • Highest Quality Carbon Fiber Available
    • Perfect Balance Of Stiffness &Amp; Compliance
    • Optimized Layup Reduces Weight
    • Durability Tested By Richie "F-Ing" Rude

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User's Manual

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Rear Travel:
Wheel Size:
27.5";Materials=Turq or C/Series"
Suspension Tech:
Switch Infinity
Designed For:
Trail .
Shipping dimensions:
55 x 9 x 31
Shipping Weight:
40 lbs