2023 Cervelo Aspero Frameset

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Multiple Configurations

Bike adjusts to different wheel/tire combinations to maximize control. We engineered the bike to fit most 700x42 or 650x49 tire/wheel combos, comfortably. Of course, there are variables - rim width, tire casing / tread depth - which will affect final clearance. IMPORTANT NOTE - We always recommend there to be 4mm of clearance around whichever tire/wheel combo is installed on the bike.

Two-position adjustment

“Trail” - Front wheel response to rider input - is the most critical factor in high-velocity handling. The ability to adjust trail with the two-position "Trail Mixer" to compensate for the extreme range of tire sizes ensures a uniform ride experience.

Balanced Handling

Stiffness and handling work together to ensure the bike tracks predictably and responds immediately to critical pedal and bracing inputs.

  • The fork's Trail Mixer adjusts trail to lessen the shock to handling when swapping between most common tire sizes.


The Áspero lets you choose the tire that best suits the terrain so you're always in control.

  • Clearance for 700x42 or 650Bx49 combinations

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