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Colnago Concept

This frame has been developed to be as fast as possible, and represents continuity with the original Colnago Concept project – the first carbon fiber frame, developed by Ernesto Colnago in collaboration with Enzo Ferrari in 1986. It is the combination of pure power and speed. Every detail has been studied to bring the aerodynamic performance to a higher level. Superb ride quality and efficiency transform this bike into a real weapon with which to fight your competitors!


Monocoque carbon fiber construction, designed for optimal aerodynamic integration with the frame. The straight blades are thinly shaped over 90% of their overall length to offer excellent aerodynamic qualities, and the rake is designed to offer precision handling in comparison to a traditional design.


Aerodynamic shape – perfectly integrated with the seat tube. The seatpost clamp is an almost invisible, integral part of the top tube – resulting in maximum aerodynamics as well as clean lines.


The main advantages of these brakes are derived from their ideal integration, structurally and aerodynamically, with the frame and fork. In terms of performance, the dual-pivot design results in a more rigid system compared to center-mount, single-pivot brakes. Along with aerodynamic advantages, they also offer better modulation, lighter weight and a superior aesthetic.


The ThreadFit bottom bracket system is a result of Colnago’s impeccably high standards and desire to continue to produce the best bicycles. It combines the reliability and practicality of a threaded (BSA) bottom bracket with the added width and rigidity of a press-fit shell. From a technical point of view, the system consists of two threaded lightweight alloy cups, easily removable in case of need (as a result of wear, for example), inside of which the two bearings are pressed. It combines great functionality with safety, durability and ease of maintenance.


Each element of this frame is designed to achieve top performance. Thus, routing the cables internally becomes a must for a clean look and maximum aerodynamic performance. The route of the cables is designed for maximum smoothness, thus improving the both the punctuality and crispness of gear changes. The frame is compatible with both mechanical and electronic groups.







Size Ps Sc° A C Hs Ss° bbdrop P O fork lenght Stack Reach
42s 420 75,50 582 399 122 70,8 65 510 510 370 513 377
45s 450 75,10 584 401 125 71,1 68 515 519 370 520 380
48s 480 74,60 584 404 127 71,5 69 520 527 370 525 382
50s 500 74,00 591 406 145 71,62 70 540 540 370 543 384
52s 520 73,60 593 407 163 71,9 70 560 550 370 561 384
54s 540 72,80 596 409 179 72,5 70 580 565 370 578 386
56s 560 72,75 606 412 187 72,88 70 600 580 370 587 398
58s 580 72,75 620 413 204 73,12 70 620 596 370 604 408