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The scheduled rides are as follows:

Shop rides are held monthly on the first Saturday of every month. If you would like to sign up for additional information about the rides you can do so here

Are these rides for me?

Our rides are for intermediate level riders or competitive cyclists looking for a break from their regular group race training rides, typically what most clubs would define as a “B” ride. Newer cyclists or those who have had some time off the saddle will probably find the pace a bit challenging.  All rides will usually have a few quick regroup spots, usually after a climb. Our goal is to keep everyone together, but these are not “no drop” rides. There will not be a “sweep” rider and the group will not wait for those who find their fitness or ability prevent them from catching up fairly quickly at the regroup spots. Cyclists should always review the posted routes in case they get separated from the tail end of the group; route slips are also available for each ride.

Most rides will usually have around 20 cyclists comprised of both men and women. Tri bikes are welcome on our group rides, but we ask that the aero position (arms on pads) is not used due to safety considerations. Please, no earbuds/headphones; save those for your solo outings. The rides will typically be in the 45-50 mile range, with around 2500 ft. of climbing. The average moving speed for the entire ride will usually be in the 17-18 m.p.h. range, but there can be sections when the pace will ramp up to well over 25 m.p.h. Again, these are not race training “hang on for dear life” outings, but group rides – when we know someone has a flat, especially when the pace is not high, we will try to wait for them.  If the group gets split at a red light, we’ll regroup. The early part of the ride will be a warm up for the faster pace and climbing that is to come; there will be plenty of opportunities to go all out later in the ride, especially on some of the hills. Faster riders can always ride ahead to the next scheduled rest stop and wait for the rest of the group.

Housekeeping items

These rides are free of charge, but we do ask for some things in return: 1) Helmets must be worn 2) Obey all traffic rules and ride single file when there is not a dedicated bike lane 3) Please have at least one spare tube, two water bottles, and enough nutrition for a 3+ hour ride. 4) Please make sure your bike is in good working order prior to the ride (if not, Revolution Bike Shop offers a basic tune-up for $65 5) Please plan to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the posted roll out time to pump your tires, use the restroom, etc. 6) All cyclists should be proficient at changing a flat with a CO2 cartridge; we don’t want to hold up the group waiting for someone to pump a tire by hand.

Where is Revolution Bike Shop? Revolution Bike Shop is located at: 235 S. Hwy. 101; Solana Beach, CA 92075 Google Maps link to the shop. Questions: Please contact our regular ride leader (Eric Bowen) at 858-222-2453.

Rides and Routes – All rides leave the shop at 8:30 Saturday morning 

  • Ride Week one: Del Dios/Elfin Forest/Coast Loop. 42 miles with approximately 2300 feet of climbing. Most of the climbing is bunched in the middle third of the ride, and the pace generally picks up on the Elfin Forest segment. Cue sheet and route for Ride #1 (via Map My Ride).
  • Ride Week Two: Rancho Sante Fe/Elfin Forest/Del Dios Loop. 45 miles with about 2700 ft. of elevation gain. If you think the entire route might prove a little too challenging, there is an option to cut the ride short by heading to the coast by making a left at La Costa (corner of La Costa and Rancho Sante Fe), which works out to about a 30 mile ride with very little further climbing. Cue sheet and route for ride #3b, via Map My Ride

  • Ride Week Three: Fairbanks Ranch/Santa Luz/Rancho Bernardo/Poway/Santa Luz/Rancho Santa Fe. 45 miles with 2800 ft. of elevation gain. Cue sheet and route for ride #7 via Map My Ride.

  • Ride Week Four: 3 Witches/Dove Canyon/Carmel Valley/Fairbanks/RSF/La Costa/Coast.
     44 miles with 2700 ft. of elevation gain. Cue sheet and rout for ride #9 via Map My Ride.
  • A note on Map My Ride: Each of the rides can be sent to your smartphone, but you can’t print the maps or directions. Lastly, some of their elevation gains are nowhere close to being accurate. If you are trying to gauge the difficulty of a route by the amount of climbing, you should use the numbers supplied in the descriptions listed above (taken with a Garmin device with barometric altimeter), rather than those from Map My Ride.


Download printable que sheets:


First Week


Week Two


Week Three


Week four


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