Liberator X Gel | Womens

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Terry Liberator X Gel | Womens

One notch higher on the comfort scale, Terry's Liberator Gel for women is as soft a touring saddle as you should buy if you are a pretty serious rider. Lots of people make the mistake in thinking that a soft, squishy saddle is the solution to their seat woes, but after an hour they begin squirming because the pressure is spread evenly across all areas. We have engineered the Liberator Gel to give you all the softness you need in a thin layer of gel, with good support below from multi-density foams. Your legs should give out before your nether regions with this saddle. The ergonomically shaped back panel of the Liberator X Gel reduces the points of stitching contact between you and your saddle; a wider contoured rear, larger cutaway, and gel padding make it excellent for touring.

length x width: 249mm x 163mm
weight: 411 g / 14.5 oz.
rails: satin steel
cover/features: black perforated Dura-tek cover with light gray stitching and thin gel layer